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About the Apogee Team

We are passionate about our software and have years of experience in the industry.

Apogee is an enterprise-wide lending solution that automates the entire lending life cycle from customer acquisition to loan recovery. It caters to several industries including payday lending, installment lending, automotive lending, consumer lending, and other micro finance lending products.

Apogee is built using Microsoft .Net 4 and its data is managed through Microsoft SQL Server. Apogee is highly modular and thus, it enables ease of customization of its features and functionalities based on the disparate needs of our customers.

Apogee provides a standard interface that allows various third parties like Lead Providers, Bureaus, and Messaging Services to seamlessly integrate with Apogee.

Apogee integrates a real-time, extensive, multi-dimensional reporting service to offer our customers the type of analytics you want to see. Apogee provides a set of off-the-shelf reports and charts, high performing data processing capabilities, long term storage for data of various aggregation levels and a business intelligence module for data analysis and presentation. In addition, the reporting module is flexible enough to accommodate any new set of reports and charts that a customer is interested in.

Whether your company is a start-up or you manage millions of customer records Apogee can seamlessly integrate into your business process. Apogee is customer centered business management and intelligence.


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