Flexible Business Models

  • State by State

  • Installment Loans

  • Payday Loans

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Detailed Analytics

  • Track Every Phase

  • 40+ Built-In Reports

  • Add-on: Custom Analysis

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Extensive Support

  • Personalized Training

  • Efficient Ticketing System

  • Strategic Business Consulting

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Migration & Integration

  • Custom Legacy LMS Migration

  • Connect with 3rd Party Providers

  • Built-In and Custom Integration

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Simple User Interface

  • Manage Entire Loan Cycle

  • Short Learning Curve

  • All Loan Info on One Screen

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Mobile Enablement

  • Connect with Customers Anywhere

  • Custom Apps

  • Custom Mobile Websites

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Your All-In-One LMS Solution

Quickly grow your portfolio with our best in class web-based software

Lead Management

Apogee makes it easy to manage leads originating from both organic and paid sources. Integrate seamlessly with lead providers and automate it so Apogee only receives the leads that matter to your portfolio. All leads flow to the CSR call queue where reps can easily view bureau reports, directory info, ACH verifications and more all in real time.

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Loan Management

Manage the entire loan cycle and view tailored performance statistics from multiple permission levels including directors, managers, CSRs, collections and more. Quickly see loan variables that perform the best and spot areas that need improvement. Apogee makes it easy and is the premiere all-in-one software to manage your loan portfolio.

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Email Marketing

Send both transactional and marketing emails automatically based on your own custom business rules. You have complete control of your business message and timing so you can convert more customers. Apogee also easily integrates with other email service providers to automate workflows using the tools you enjoy most

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Business Models

Apogee LMS supports multiple business models and service creations including payday loans, installment loans, and state by state models. No matter what business model you choose, Apogee manages all workflows so you can track the entire loan cycle and employee performance with ease. Apogee is your all-in-one solution.

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What is Apogee?

The Next Generation LMS solutions

Apogee is an enterprise-wide lending solution that automates the entire lending life cycle from customer acquisition to loan recovery. It caters to several industries including payday lending, installment lending, automotive lending, consumer lending, and other micro finance lending products.

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Why Apogee?

The Reason Lenders Choose Apogee

We have been creating software tools for over 10 years. With over 12 million unique customer records and billions of dollars in processed transactions, we understand the needs of lenders, direct marketers and continuity businesses. We deliver functionality, flexibility, and enterprise class performance customized to your requirements with best in class coaching and consulting.

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Apogee gives you:

  • Complete customer service toolset
  • Unlimited customer billing options
  • Dynamic billing & bank routing capabilities
  • Multiple merchant accounts management tools
  • Sophisticated business analytics reports (Over 140 customizable reports)
  • Powerful fraud protection tools
  • Multi-site redundant backups
  • Integratable API's
  • Lead & remarketing tools
  • Enterprise quality Help desk software
  • Best in class coaching & consulting

Our Partners

We partner with some of the largest lead providers, marketers, ACH processors, and more. Apogee is an indispensable tool to manage the customer acquisition process and their complete life cycle thereafter.

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